Monday, February 1, 2010

A smile for Roni!

Today was a quiet day. Dad was still tired from yesterday's excitement. He was 45 minutes into his 2nd breathing trial without the ventilator when he told the nurse with his lips that he wanted to "GO HOME!" He apologized to Dad saying he wouldn't be able to go home and Dad got mad at him. Because he became very anxious they had to give him some medicine to calm him down. When I got there he was sleeping and he pretty much slept for 3-4 hours. He was waking up a bit just before I had to head home to get the boys off the bus. I asked him if I could take this picture for Roni (Kordell's daughter). We all miss his smiling face!

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  1. Mel was thinking of you and your family today. I am glad to see miracles happening. Will not cease in praying for more miracles!!! Call me if you need anything!!!