Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's time to PRAY again!

Just got an update from the nurse...

We were told Dad was going to be transferred last night at 4pm. We were sad to hear at the last minute he was not going to be transferred to Rainier Vista because they had not had a final signature from the doctors. What a blessing that ended up to be. This morning at 4am Dad's blood pressure and heart rate went dangerously low. They discovered he was bleeding internally which presented itself through his rectal tube (sorry for the details). It was pretty scary for several hours. They put another camera down his throat to determine it is an artery that is bleeding. They used epinephrine to close the artery. They will watch him closely to see if that is enough to stop the bleeding permanently. If he begins to bleed again they will do a procedure where they put a coil in the artery. Unfortunately this procedure has only a 50% chance of success. If this does not work they will do a more invasive surgery to repair the artery. Since he is not a good candidate for surgery we need to PRAY the epinephrine stops the bleeding.

Again, what a blessing he was not transferred to the nursing home last night.

He has had 3 units of blood already and they are planning on one more. He is stable but still critical. On top of everything else his kidneys are not working. Let's pray he has a better night tonight! Thanks for all your prayers!

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