Thursday, February 4, 2010

It was good day...

Although Dad was too tired to be off the ventilator for any length of time today, it was still a good day. It's getting easier to read his lips and take care of his basic needs.
He did ask to use the speaking valve for an hour or so. Each time he uses the valve he has to be taken off the ventilator. Today he requested the usual water in his mouth, ice packs to help cool him off, reposition his head and then he reminded me to call Sue and tell her to sign some paper work. Very cute. He told me his eyes are bothering him. Double vision is part of a brain stem stroke. That may explain why he isn't that interested in the T.V. It was time to find Dad a nursing home, which brakes our hearts. We wish so badly he could go home. Unfortunately he requires special 24 hour care with ventilator capabilities. There are only 6 nursing homes in the State equipped to take patients on a ventilator. We looked very carefully at the two within an hour drive and chose the one in Puyallup. It is right in between Sue, Kordell and I. We are expecting him to be released early next week. We are still working through some other issues such as an ulcer that is bleeding. He will have a procedure done tomorrow to scope his GI. Hopefully this will be his final procedure and he can be discharged. Personally, I like him being in the Hospital where he has his very own nurse. But, it would be great to start some PT, OT, Speech and other rehab that they will begin once he arrives at the nursing home.

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