Sunday, February 7, 2010

The best day so far!

Saturday was a great day in many ways. Dad was able to be off the ventilator for just over 9 hours. On top of that he used the speaking valve the entire time which takes a lot of work. Just hearing his voice, even if just above a wisper, makes us all feel so good. Not to mention it takes away most of the frusration of not being able to tell us what he needs.

He was able to not only tell us what he needed to make him more comfortable, but he told us how great the nurses have been (except one) and he wanted to know where Nancy (my brothers girlfriend) had been. She's had a cold and didn't want to give it to him. He used a few choice words, which I had no idea, but apparently Dad has always spoken like that when I wasn't around. I guess if I were in his situation I might want to say a few choice words too. On a much sweeter note, he was able to ask Susan if she would stay with him until he fell asleep. She is being so strong for him. I know going home to an empty house with just the dog Shamess is absolute torture for her. What we would both give to go back to the first 3 days when we just thought it was a R-side stroke. Then at least he could go home.

Dad is still very much in pain. The new bed he got is a better bed to help with bed sores, but not good for back pain. Even on the morphine he still hurts. It's so unfair that the paralysis doesn't just take the pain away. It really is the worst of both worlds.

The results from the G.I. test on Friday came back and they didn't find what they needed. Which means they may need to go back in (from the other end if you now what I mean). I guess it means he will get to stay in the hospital a few more days. We should know more tomorrow.

Kordell, Nancy, Vicky and Devan are going to watch the Super Bowl with Dad today. We asked him who he wants to win and he said plain as day, "The Saints!"

Thank you to all the family in town who came to see Dad:
Daughter, Vicky from Idaho
Grandson, Devan from Oregon
Nephew, Keith from Rhode Island

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