Monday, February 8, 2010

Hurray for the Saints!

Sunday was a relaxing day for Dad. He was really tired from going all day Saturday off the ventilator. Our cousing Angela (Zan's wife) visited Dad in the early morning and Vicky and Devan hungout before the game. Kordell and Nancy came to watch the game with Dad, but he fell asleep before halftime. Uncle Larry called before the game and made a bet with Dad. Even though they both really wanted the Saints to win Uncle Larry wanted to bet Dad $5. So Uncle Larry took the Colts. Lo and behold Dad is 5 bucks richer. He was happy to hear the Saints won this morning.

The doctors have decided not to do another procedure on Dad. I hope it's the right decision. He will be discharged in the next few days to Rainier Vista Care Center. It is the best long term care facility in Western Washington.

It sure has been nice having my sister Vicky here. I know Dad has enjoyed seeing more of all of us. What is amazing is how a tradgedy like this can really bring a family closer. Next time you think you are too busy for your mom, dad, brother, sister, aunt, uncle or cousin remember there may not be a tomorrow and to MAKE TIME!

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